Thursday, May 8, 2008

deadlines are looming...

We're winding down from the re:Treat and heading straight into press mode.

One of the biggest problems we're having now is getting our system in place so that we can effectively come out every 2 months starting in Septemeber.

We're excited about doing that... a little overwhelmed at the prospect, perhaps, but we have some really great stuff we're adding to the mag to make it even better than the last 3 issues!!!

On that note, bear with us. We are tired, cranky and living on coffee and no sleep.

But we had a blast at the re:Treat and from what we're hearing you did too!!!

We're looking forward to your feedback for the next issue of the magazine. Keep us posted on your comments...Big Daddy promises not to take any shots at you. Yes you. :}


Friday, May 2, 2008

soooo sleepy...

Vegas was a blast. No surprise there!!! Daina and Jody kept everything flowing smoothly while I was gone so we are MORE than prepared for the re:Treat this weekend!!!

I can't believe all of the great things we have to give you!!!!!!

If you haven't bought your ticket, get it at the door. This is one party EVERYONE is gonna be talking about!!!!!

I'm so tired, tho. My liver is is shutdown mode after four days of being drunk and having no sleep. Yeah VEGAS BABY!!! I think it will be a very subdued day for me tomorrow but I am sure Daina, Amanda and Rebecca will party like rockstars in my absence.

See y'all tomorrow!!!