Monday, May 31, 2010

Dear Diary: Day passes for Tim McLean's killer is a real possibility

Why is it that news of Vince Li's psychiatrist suggesting DAY PASSES for the monster quietly hit the online media without any awareness leading up to this asshole's review board hearing???
Something smells of a cover up here.

HOW can it be less than two years since Li viciously murdered, beheaded and cannibalized Tim McLean on a Greyhound Bus, be even considered for day passes into society. You know what? They`re giving him day passes ONLY on the grounds that he has two `special`constables with him.

Why? For Li's protection? So that when he's spotted in public someone doesn't take a shot at killing the monster that Li clearly is??
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I mean, why else would they assign bodyguards? Because that's what those constables will be. If Li is fit for a day pass, he must be fine right?

According to news reports, "Li's treating psychiatrist says Li continues to suffer hallucinations, but at a reduced intensity and frequency than at the time Tim McLean was killed."

So why would someone who has a Li's history be allowed to visit the local Dairy Queen if he's still hallucinating?

I have an idea, let the dumbass who thinks Li's "fine" go and stay with him and HIS family for the day... then we'll see just how willing this doctor is to let Li go.

WHY haven't the RCMP ever commented on that fateful bus ride, specifically about why the officers sat there for 5 hours watching Li do what he did to Tim's body.

WHY was there such a rush to get this case to trial? Why was the first review for Li less than a YEAR that he was found Not Criminally Responsible??

And now, day passes for this killer are being suggested. Less than TWO YEARS since he killed Tim. Less than TWO YEARS since he ate Tim's body parts. Less than TWO YEARS since he taunted RCMP and Greyhound passengers with Tim's head.


I didn't even know Tim but the thought of Li being released into the general public, even with bodyguards aka "constables" is more than enough to make me shake with anger.

The Not Criminally Responsible law MUST CHANGE. The only reason most Canadians know about this law is because of Tim's murder and since THAT happened, I've heard of a couple other NCR verdicts including the Merritt, BC dad Allan Schoenborn who killed his three kids.

It's time to fight.

To fight to change a system that is clearly flawed. To fight for a young man who could've been YOUR son. To fight alongside a MOM who needs all the support she can get. To fight so that a criminal like Vince Li is branded as such and never allowed freedom again.

-Tamara Plant

** UPDATE** I just spoke with Carol deDelley, Tim's mom, who said she was at the annual review for Vince Li where this all took place. She says, "Daypasses were not on the table today. They (psychiatrists) were asking for supervised time outside on the grounds where there is no fence."

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dear Diary: I Don't Get Sex...

And the City, that is.

That movie. Carrie, Samantha, uhm... and the other two characters...

I'm not one of the millions of women who will be flocking to that flick this weekend because, quite frankly, I don't give a damn.

No, I haven't seen the TV show and yes, I'm judging it based on what I see in the commercials. But I'm also judging it based on all of the hype that I see on Twitter. The majority of women on Twitter have feverishly been shopping for outfits to wear to this movie, literally for MONTHS.


What is the fascination with this movie? Are women living vicariously through the characters??

I know the premise of the show revolves around fiercely independent women who are living in New York City. There are shoes (specifically Manolo Blahniks and Jimmy Choos), sex (Carrie ends up marrying her bootycall, Mr. Big) and honest discussions between girlfriends that you've probably had WITH your own girlfriends or, at the very least, wanted to.

You see, for me, this show was no 'eye-opener'. I've always been open and honest about sex; nothing was ever taboo for me. I was honest about having one-night stands, I enabled my friends to truly be themselves and do things they normally would never do because
'good girls' don't (insert anything taboo here) and I wasn't shocked at the words 'masturbation,' 'vibrators' or 'orgasms.'
I don't giggle at stuff like that because I've never been embarrassed about sex.
So you would think that I would like this show but the truth is, it sort of annoys me. That whole "rah rah I've got a hoo-haw" girl power shit grates on my nerves.

Women "lunching" just to gossip or dish on the latest divorce/orgasm/shopping experience they've had is not my cuppa coffee.

Sex and the City represents all things stereotypical about women

Each character, from what little research I have done, I admit, seems boxed (pun intented).

There's Samantha, the pervy, try-sexual, uninhibited friend who oozes SEX and enjoys it for what it is... just sex. She will educate and enlighten you on all things you want to know about sex but are too afraid to ask. Perpetually single, will she ever truly commit and find a "happily ever-after??"

There's Carrie. She shops, she's living the dream as a sex/relationship columnist in New York City and she drinks Cosmos. She's searching for the elusive Mr. Right whom she finds in the form of Mr. Big. They have sex, they break up. He gets married. They have sex. Marriage breaks up. They break up. They have sex. They get married. Stop the roller coaster, I'm gonna puke.

There's Charlotte. She's sweet, demure, classier than her friends by a LONG shot and she is the good girl our mother's all wanted us to be. Happily married, white picket fence, kids. Yup. One-dimensional.

And finally, Miranda. She's the tough-as-nails, jaded yet loyal friend who becomes a single mom. She balances it all because THAT'S WHO SHE IS. Independent. Strong. Ferocious! Who needs a man? She relies more on personality that sex appeal because, let's face it, she has none.

From what I'm seeing on Twitter, women are 60-40 in support of this movie.

shannondagnone says: It's appealing because it's fantasy. Fabulous clothes, gorgeous men. It's the life most of us will never live. Vicariousness!

ParentClub says: so not obsessed. Couldn't care less. Carrie who?!

sandyel says: because it's fun. It is one of my fave tv series. #SATC

RecycleNazi says: i dont know. i watched an episode here and there, and the movie, and just like the housewives of OC, liked it, possibly something to do with seeing snotty bitches talk about getting screwed over by men, or shitting their pants (yah, that happened in the movie, laughed my ass off) I think its like a stepping stone to normalcy for the really plastic bitches. for me, its sort of the opposite. I can pretend I am fancy.

And finally, one of my twitter BFFs whom I LOVE LOVE LOVE in spite of her kooky love for SATC, CocktailDeeva says: It's witty, well written, women can relate..FABULOUS Fashion, Hot Men & Killer Cocktails...

She also gives fantastic reasons why women LOVE this movie and are obsessed (check it out here)

So, even though I don't get it and probably never will, I'd like to share with you what I told another Twitter BFF CLBuchananPhoto last night (who saw the premier and loved it) ... Opinions are like assholes, and since I've got both and this is my blog, I can express mine.

Feel free to express yours in the comment section.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

You know what really cheers me up?

Singing. Loudly. Poorly. And thinking I'm doing a duet with the artist, because in actuallity I am!

Take for example, one of my all time favourites Friends in Low Places by Garth Brooks. Why do I love this country song? Because it tells the story of a guy who is rockin out in a fancy place and stays true to his roots...

Well I guess I was wrong I just don't belong

Yeah, but I've been there before...

Just wait till I finish this glass

You Oughtta Know!

This anthem for every girl was a staple in my playlist for the ealry part of my 20s, not because I hated guys but KNEW what Alanis was talking about. And now, when I hear that song, I remember feeling empowered because she expressed what I felt:

"And every time I scratch my nails down someone else's back I hope you feel it. Well CAN YOU FEEL IT!?"

If You Could Only See by Tonic

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dear Diary: 8 Songs to Help Reclaim Your MOJO

Music can set the tone of my day.

Quite often, I'll listen to Magic 99 in the morning because they play mellow, jazzy tunes that tend to keep me calm during the morning rush. Plus, I really just love the old school music they play like Billie Holiday, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin.

When I need to FOCUS on work, I'm a fan of Enya. Her soothing sounds are wonderful white noise that don't distract from the tasks I must accomplish while on the computer. I'm not one of those people who can write and listen to music that I can sing along to, my brain doesn't work that way.

But when I want to get PUMPED up or am doing something physical, I crank the tunes to rock music. Anything by the Offspring, Meatloaf, Aerosmith ... as long as it gets my adrenaline pumpin, I play it!

If I'm in a BLAH mood, I try to play songs from back in the days when I would hit the clubs. You know... Salt & Peppa, 112, Blackstreet, Biggie, Monica, Alliyah, The Outhere Brothers (Don't stop movin baby, dontcha know you drive me crazy... WIGGLE WIGGLE!!) ... lots of sassy R&B. It's music that brings me back to a simpler time in my life where my biggest problem was deciding what outfit to wear to the clubs.

If I'm feeling FEISTY and wanna kick someone's ass, I play Eminem (he's very angry and has some amazing music!!) or Trapt ("Back off, I'll take you on!!! Headstrong, I'll take on ANYONE! I know that you are WRONG and this is NOT where you belong!") or Last Resort by Papa Roach, which was featured in Jet Li's The One.

And, of course, there are the rare moments I feel all MUSHY and girly so I play the sappy love songs like "Sex You Up" by Color Me Badd or "Too Drunk to Fuck" by Buckcherry.

What? Those aren't romantic?? Aw COME ON! They are so.

Anyway, because I feel like sharing today, I'm posting my TOP 8 songs for getting your MoJo back! Songs that make you feel like life is pretty fucking good!!

And there you have it.

Enjoy! And feel free to post YOUR favourite songs.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

This Mother's Day, Forget About it...

Mother's Day is just another day.

It's like the highly-commercial Valentine's Day; an over-rated holiday that reaches in your wallet and steals your money all in a pathetic attempt to prove your love for ONE DAY OF THE YEAR.

To all the mom's out there who need validation from this dumbass holiday, let me offer some advice - find something else to focus on.

If your family chooses to recognize your contribution one day a year, you have bigger concerns in your family dynamic. We all get caught up in our own little bubbles of everyday drama but if I've learned anything this year, it's to appreciate the people in your life who matter, EVERY DAY.

See it for what it is

Mother's Day is really just another Sunday. Sure, it's a good excuse to get together for a family dinner but should you really concern yourself with being pampered or receiving a "special" gift because you're a MOM?

Why should your husband give you a gift on Mother's Day? You're not his mother. Do you think you deserve it because you go all out for him on Father's Day? Think again, Princess. That's all you. He doesn't ask you to do it and he probably won't cry in his coffee because you don't do didn't get him the BBQ set he always dreamed of.

What's that? You went through the pain of child birth so you "deserve" to sit on your throne and have him rub your feet? You do so much all year, that one day out of the 365, you should be rewarded for your efforts? Why? So you can bitch and complain the rest of the year about how tough you have it?

Get. Over. Yourself.

Yup, being a MOM is tough, no doubt about it. But most of you chose to have kids. You knew what you were getting into when you stopped taking the pill or "forgot" to use the condom.

These commercialized holidays are stupid. Completely. And utterly stupid. Does having a store-bought card from your one-year-old really mean that much to you? Is your self-worth as a MOM found at the bottom of a drug-store bottle of perfume that your pre-teen picked out because he couldn't buy you wine?

Yes, I know you do so much for your family and you deserve to be recognized. You cook, clean, play referee, chauffeur, plan, work, organize, bank, shop, create ... the list goes on and on.

Personally, I've never liked to share. Not my toys, not my wine and certainly not my "special occasions." So why would I share Mother's Day with the rest of the world when I can have my very own special holiday that focuses on all things ME. Oh wait. I do. It's called my birthday.

I don't care if you choose to have your hubby go out and buy you a diamond ring for Mother's Day. Just don't expect any special treatment here... We'll find another way to celebrate all you fabulous bitches!

As always... Cheers!