Monday, March 31, 2008

Sheldon Souray is SUCH a babe!

He's 6'4, 233 pounds of pure eye candy and he'll be our FIRST ever EYECANDY photo spread! That's right, Edmonton Oilers hottest dad Sheldon Souray will be posing with five lucky moms in a super cool spread for the Summer issue.

I'm stoked! And I bet our winners are, too! They were just notified about being in the shoot... I look forward to their response!

Let's see.... what else is new? Oh yes! Tickets are NOW AVAILABLE at Dragon Lilies and our office for our re:Treat. Get them while you can!

Daina and I are plotting and planning to make sure we can get our mag out every 2 months as of September. Have any story ideas? Email us at

Hmmm... I think that's it for now. My goal for the month of April is to update this badboy every week. Maybe more. Depends on how much I get done before I go to Vegas! That's right! Ron and I are off to Vegas again! WOOOOOO! I love that place! It's my escape from reality!!!!

Anyway, till next time...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Uber Goober

What a great time we had at Pajama Party. Thanks Helene!!! You rock!

We're back in MOM Mag mode ripping apart the Spring issue to rebuild it, courtesy of some MUCH needed criticism from publishing goddess Ruth Kelly. You can look forward to a sassier, more awesomer issue in June. It will KNOCK your thong off!!

Also a HUGE welcome to some new team members Amanda Wilhauk and Rebecca George. I am excited to have them on board. I only hope they know just what they're getting in to! Muahahahahah

Have you picked up the Spring issue yet? Be sure to check out our pick up locations on the website. It will not be delivered door-to-door in the major centres (Spruce/Sherwood Park/St. Albert/Leduc) because that's impossible. It will be delivered through Canada Post to the smaller hamlets like Legal, Alberta Beach, Wabamun, Bon Accord, etc.

To ensure you get your copy before everyone else, you can subscribe.

Hey, have you subscribed to our e-blasts? If you have, you are ENTERED to WIN 2 tickets to the MOMs re:Treat May 3. All you have to do is sign up! As a member of the MOM Mag community, you get to know all the cool stuff first AND get first dibs at ticket sales for events.

Chat with you soon!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Pajama Party in Jasper - Why aren't you here?!

This place ROCKS! Alas, as I rightly assumed, my sleep schedule sucks. Poor Daina. First the only room we could get was one with a King-sized bed and THEN she had to listen to me toss and turn AND keep the light on. Sorry babe!!!

We got here yesterday after barely making it to the Fairmont in Edmonton to catch the charter bus. We made it literally with 2 minutes to spare AND THEN we weren't even on the list! Some mix up with reservations. Good thing two other girls didn't make it so we took their spots!

We had a yummy brown bag lunch supplied from the Fairmont complete with a ham and cheese sandwich, snack size can of Pringles, White chocolate macadamia cookies, a juice box and an apple.

Daina and I tossed the juice boxes aside and cracked open our coolers before the bus left the parking lot! However, by the time we got to Spruce Grove we had to pee SO bad! And the bus' only scheduled stop was in Edson. It was a LONG drive.

Daina nearly peed her pants laughing at me as I waddled/ran ala Sid the Sloth style to the bathroom at the Esso. Of course, the women's washrooms were lined up but I, being the enterprising chick I am, beelined it STRAIGHT for the men's room. No WAY was I waiting any longer than necessary.

Relief! Let me tell you I could've smoked a cigarette I was feelin' so good!

We finally made it to Jasper and were greeted with a champagne reception complete with chocolate dipped strawberries. Seeing as my hands were full with swag bags and a champagne flute, I casually asked Daina if she would feed me a strawberry.


Just like that. No. She's selfish, I tell you.

We checked in and headed straight to see the original Pajama Girl herself, Helene Oseen. Helene also writes our Fashion 911 column and is one of the most inspirational, empowering, fantasic women I have ever met. We hugged and congratulated her on being a new grandma. She asked us where Jody was and we started crying. Sobbing, actually. You see, our beloved Jody, our sales superstar, our Marge in the relationship, isn't here. She couldn't make the trip and we miss her terribly. We love you Jody and TRULY miss you here!!!!

Anyway we explained the situation to Helene who gave us a bag full of goodies for Jody ANYWAY!

Daina and I left for our room and jumped straight into our new MOM Magazine PJs we bought especially for the trip. We have these awesome shirts that say "MOM Magazine ROCKS! Woohoo!!"

We wore pants, of course... we're not THAT weird! Once we were ready we headed straight to the lounge and had a celebratory cocktail. Or two.

Then, because Helene thinks we're cool, we were treated to a VIPj reception and got to meet the speakers for the event before the actual reception started. It was tres chic! We hugged some more and told eachother how awesome the other person was! It was good times!

But the BEST part of last night was the actual Welcome Reception! The food was unbelievable!! The menu consisted of - and I'm going off of memory here - a Rocky Mountain Potato bar that consisted of mashed white potatoes, sweet potatoes and blue potatoes (all in seperate trays) with garnishes of REAL crab meat, shrimp, different types of cheeses, bacon... it was SO GOOD!!! That was one plate of food, Daina and I then found the most amazing roast beef cooked to perfection, scallops with an orange butter cream sauce (to DIE for), spring rolls, salads.... I'm sure we didn't try everything. We didn't even eat dessert. Our version of dessert was another slice of that roast beef!

They had a photo booth set up with a bed as a prop so we rushed over and had our pics taken... Paris Hilton style. We did that whole "over-the-shoulder" pose to show off our cool shirts!

And then.... we went to bed. Seriously. We were back in the room by 8:21 p.m.

I know... we are lame but we just came off press time. Our energy levels are barely hitting the 2 out of 10 mark. I dozed off and on until 5 a.m. then decided it was time for coffee. I don't sleep well without Big Daddy and cuddling a pillow just doesn't do it for me.

So here I am, regaling you with tales from the Pajama Party! We missed the Dance Party last night... that sucks because I NEVER get to go out dancing... but today promises to be full of wonderful sessions, more great food and a MAGIC show tonight!!!

Till tomorrow....

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The magazine went to press last week and it has been weird adjusting to a normal sleep schedule.

I'm hoping that going to the Pajama Party in Jasper this weekend will help but if past road trips with Daina Benson are ANY indication, we will come home MORE exhausted than before we left.

Last week, we put the mag to bed, went on a whirlwind road trip on Thursday to Calgary for an AMPA conference (Alberta Magazine Publishers Association), came home Friday night, and spoke at an International Women's Day celebration in Devon on Saturday.

Yep, it's been busy! But we love what we do and run on adrenaline. And caffeine. LOTS of caffeine. Oh and those little chocolate covered espresso beans! YUMMERS!

Anyway the mags will be available this week for general distribution and to those of you who subscribe, you will get them first!

Two more days until Pajama Party! WOOOOHOO!

Now, I must enjoy my first coffee of the AM.