Friday, February 29, 2008

3 days till press

It's been a pretty scary place at the MOM Magazine office. Press time does that to us. Everyone is frantically trying to get last-minute photoshoots, articles and ads in for production. It causes us - and by us I mean mostly me - to be extra bitchy. No sleep and stress does that to a person.

At times like this, I wonder why I even bother with the magazine. It's a frustrating process and creates tension and stress-fractures between the team. But we've been here before and we've been through worse in the last two issues.

Stupid petty issues suddenly seem major and things we normally think are funny, suddenly seem offensive.

The reason I am venting is that I don't want people who read this blog to think everything is easy and a piece of cake, or that everything flows smoothly. Running a magazine seems glamourous from the outside but anyone who has ever been a part of the process knows better. It is draining, tiring and frustrating. It is exciting, fun and rewarding.

Magazine publishing is the great love of my life - aside from Big Daddy. Magazines are such an amazing thing to be a part of and I know that when I send the files to press on Monday, I will feel like I have accomplished something. Until then, I will muddle my way through the next couple of days, double up on the Prozac, drink tonnes of coffee, vow NOT to take anything personally and enjoy my wine!!

After all, a great publisher once told me that magazines are a journey - not a destination. Ruth Kelly, the brains and balls behind Venture Publishing, told me that pearl of wisdom.

I just forgot to keep that in mind until I wrote that just now. It's something I need to remember...thanks Ruth!!

I feel so much better... it's amazing what venting to an unknown audience will do.

Three more days....three more days.... till the most kickass issue goes to press!!!


Thursday, February 21, 2008

Gawddam BRACES!

OK, so I had this whole braces thing goin' on. It sucked. I couldn't. I was post-pregnancy, had glasses, PPD acne, fat rolls, the whole nine yards. TOTALLY not an image I was familiar with, yet alone comfortable with. I was at 135 pounds, fit, healthy and feelin' good! And yet, here it is, 2 years since the process started and I am SANS braces, with a tan, Lasik eye surgery, breast reduction/lift AND STILL FAT! Not a nice place for someone who is - in my own mind - super, uber HOT!

My braces are off. I only have the top 5 brackets on until I get my retainer. I'm still chubby. Tanning only goes so far. My perky boobs can only get me so much attention... I NEED to start focusing on my HEALTH! Yet, I find reasons why I shouldn't...

I'm too busy, I don't have the time, I'm too tired BLAH BLAH Freakin' BLAH!

Enough is enough already!!! My braces are off. It's time to grow up. No more "Po' Me" attitude... I will hit the gym. I don't have another excuse holding me back. CRAP!

But my teeth are nice...


Saturday, February 16, 2008

Karla Anderson and the most AMAZING interview EVER!

I have the best job in the world! I've always loved being a journalist, sports writer especially, because you get to meet the coolest people! I've interviewd all kinds of sports icons from Guy Lafleur to Doug Weight to Gizmo Williams... I've even been lucky enough to see some of these million-dollar players in the lockerroom... Yep, I've had a good career!

But the most amazing interview I've had to date happened last night at Kelsey's in Spruce Grove. I met Karla Anderson! You may not recognize her, I mean she's never been featured on Access Hollywood for flashing her pooter or snoring away a DUI on camera, but she is a true star. She is a single mom of three boys who has managed to put out an amazing record called The Embassy Sessions.

Her hit song What Else Can I Do has been played on Magic 99, won her a Best New Artist award through the Canadian Folk Music Awards, and been played on Joan of Arcadia! And this mom is living in our midst.

We shared some wine and chatted about how she got to where she is, what she's doing now, what it's like to be a single mom and why moms need to be recognized as more than "moms."

I have a personal connection to Karla - that whole 6 degrees of seperation. Six days after my daughter Lauryn (Lola) was born, I went to a book launch that had featured a story I had written. The book was called Standing Together and featured stories of women who had overcome extreme situations but gone on to live good lives in spite of their situations.
The editor of the book, Linda Goyette, told me that she had listened to Karla's CD during the process of doing the book. She said it was like the soundtrack to the book because it got her through some of the toughest stories.

Two weeks after the Edmonton launch I went to the launch in Calgary. Karla was playing and she sang her song What Else Can I Do. I remember thinking how touched I was by the song and how much it meant to me because of the lyrics. I even asked her to sign my book and she was surprised but I told her that she was as much a part of the book as the writers were because of her song.

Flash forward two years and her I am interviewing this same amazing lady. I can't wait for you to read this feature. You will love her as much as I do. She embodies everything MOM Magazine represents and for that, I am insipred by her!

If you get the chance, please pick up her CD The Embassy Sessions. You will not be dissapointed!
Check out her website:
On that note, we go to press soon so you won't have to wait too long! Mid march and the next issue is on stands!!


Thursday, February 7, 2008

I can't believe we're starting production on the Spring issue already. It's too damn COLD to even think of tulips and patios... but I guess it will be here sooner than later so I had better get my stuff together and get on with it!

MOM Magazine has gone through some changes in the past three months. Aside from adding some new columns, we are prepping for our BIG launch out in St. Albert, Leduc and Sherwood Park. The official launch will be in September with pre-launch parties in each community.

In addition, I've taken on some other roles (aside from publisher extraordinaire!) including a role on the Chamber of Commerce board in Spruce Grove and a seat on the International Women's Day Commitee in Devon. It's been a blast and I've been able to meet some cool people.

Daina is furiously working away on her "Who's the Homer in your relationship?" article, taking info from the poll on our website and interviews from the ultimate Homer himself, Big daddy! LOL Just kidding! Big daddy won't get any more ink than necessary!

Jody and Barb have been securing some great new advertisers for the magazine. We are SOLELY supported through advertisers so we appreciate each and every one! If you go to a business that supports MOM Magazine, make sure you tell them THANKS!

Tickets for the MOM retreat will be available in March at....dah dah dah dahhhhhhhhhh..... Dragon Lilies! We hope to have a few other places to pick up the tickets but if all else fails, call our office and pay via credit card.

Oh yeh, listen to K-ROCK in the AM to hear our tag... it's SUPER cool! LOL

Hmmm... what else? I don't know. I've had a cold for the last week and my brain is turning green from all the tea I've been drinking!

Well, gotta run and pick up the little ogres! If you have any comments about the magazine, make sure you email us! We love it all, good and bad!