Thursday, February 26, 2009

Big Daddy's 40th Birthday Bash!

You're invited to help the villain of the magazine celebrate his 40th birthday ... what a better place to do it than SIN CITY!!!!

Join Big Daddy on the links at Rio Secco Golf Club Friday, May 1.

Included in the package is breakfast, transportation in a stretch limo, club rental and green fees.

Big Daddy's 40th Birthday Bash confirmed!!

So the villain of the magazine turns 40 (OMG!!) in April and to celebrate we are going to SIN CITY BABY!!!!

April 30-May 3

Golf with Big Daddy at the AMAZING Rio Secco Golf Club.

This is NOT a guys-only trip... so

Friday, February 6, 2009

Dear Diary,

I was reminded by a ooooolllllldddd friend of mine

Dear Diary, Don't Fuck with Me.

That's right, I used the word Fuck. OMG. Call the fuckin' Mommy police!

I got a letter from a disgruntled reader who decided to rip apart the magazine from front to back, even making a few personal attacks on some of the people in the magazine - who shall remain nameless because the woman who sent this letter was obviously a bitter and angry person who felt better about herself by judging and insulting other women.

Her comments really pissed me off. We get complaints all the time about our content, the language we use, the poor editing, the jumbled design, Big Daddy and his obviously chauvinistic ways... the list never ends. Normally, I write a nice little email back to these haters telling them to be responsible and recycle!

But this women who wrote this letter... well I have chosen to look deep within myself and NOT respond at all because nothing I could say would make this person happy. Plus, I can't be bothered to waste my time or energy ... THAT is what I have a blawg for!

I actually did draft a response to this women because my initial reaction was one of, "Are you fuckin' KIDDING me???!!! Who the hell do you think you are!" So my email response was going to be something like this... ahem.

"Thank you for taking the time to pick apart our imperfect magazine. Generally, the women who read MOM Magazine take the stick OUT of their ass before flipping through the pages."

I had a few other choice comments in there but once I got them out onto e-paper, I felt better. Calmer, in fact. I chose not to hit send and instead sent her letter to a few of my friends/clients for their feedback.

They agreed that her comments were not constructive and in fact, malicious, judgemental and overall asshole comments. Well, I think they're asshole comments and I can say that because it's my magazine.

Another issue we've faced is that our mag has been pulled from the Tri Leisure Centre in Spruce Grove. I was told the mag was not a good fit with their vision of a community centre. Huh. So Maxim, Cosmo and Glamour magazines are OK but MOM Magazine with it's use of the words "crap, screw, and bullshit" are not.

You know what I think? I think SOME people expect us to be all Martha-friggin-Stewart because we are published in Spruce Grove, Alberta. Well guess WHAT!

It's AIN'T gonna happen! If anything it only validates what I am doing with MOM Magazine because there is such a stereotype associated with being a MOM. You have to have the MOM haircut. You have to get the MOM uniform. You have to speak properly and not swear in front of your kids.

To all of THOSE moms, go pick up Good Housekeeping or watch the MOM show.

MOM Magazine is for REAL women who don't put on a pretentious facade and try to be something they're really not just so they'll fit in with the other dummy mummys.

For all you haters, keep the letters coming. It only adds fire to my already explosive ambition.


Thursday, February 5, 2009

The soundtrack of my life

Music has always been important to me but not in the way that I was a geeky band kid or the lead in the school musical. More in the way that I have always related to songs and made them "my song!!" as in, "OHMYGAWD that's MY SONG!!! WOOOHOOOO!"

Yeh. Just like that.

I wonder if it's something that girls do because I asked Big Daddy if he ever did that and he just looked at me like I asked him to have a threesome with Colin Farrel. That would be, uh, no.

When I was 12, I had a group of friends who were instrumental (no pun intended) in the path my life eventually took. The summer we went into grade 8, we went to every movie imaginable: Stand By Me, Shag, Dirty Dancing, Eddie & the Cruisers, La Bamba... the list was endless. I had a real affinity for 50s and 60s music and made it my mission to get my friends to listen to Del Shannon, the Supremes, the Chordettes and Buddy Holly. They indulged me although they all had their own personal favourites.

In highschool, I was a fan of NKOTB. Yes. I admit it. I thought Donnie Wahlberg was hot. But that was when I began my love affair with R&B although techinally I guess it began in junior high because half of the music I listened to was the original R&B.

The transition between highschool and college became my night club phase where I loved Shaggy (Oh Carolina), Shy Guy (Diana King), and any other bump & grind music where I could strut my stuff and feel like I was the hawttest babe on the dance floor! I think I even had a temprrary love affair with country but I try to block that out.

As my tastes in music (and men) evolved I found myself listening more and more to rock, old rock, new rock, whatever got me pumped up.

As I look back now, I have come up with a soundtrack to my life! And how fun was that???!!!

Indulge me whilst I share it with you!

Stand By Me - Ben E. King

Time of My Life -