Saturday, November 22, 2008

Busy weekend ahead

There are a couple of major events that MOM Magazine is promoting!

Straightline Funiture and Interiors is having it's 5th Anniversary TODAY! Saturday, Nov. 22! Join them for fun, prizes, music by a jazz pianist and be sure to check out their AMAZING stock! I reccomend those Wood Wick Candles... only$34.99 but save $5 with a coupon from the Holiday Madness issue of MOM Magazine.

The Tri-Community Festival of Trees is this weekend! Kick off the holiday season with some time at this kid-friendly event. Save $1 off admission with the coupon from the Holiday Madness issue of MOM Magazine.

These are two events I highly reccomend you check out.

In Sherwood Park, there is a Women's Wellness show at the Chamber office. Shop for all things that make you a hawt mama! This event runs from 1-4 p.m. TODAY ONLY!

I've got 19 work days before we go to press again so if I start updating my blawg and it isn't making sense, I will apologize in advance!

Have a great weekend and be sure to check out these events!


Saturday, November 15, 2008

It's heeeerrrrreeeee!

So, how have you been? Daina and I have been stoopid busy with the last issue BUT it's finally available! WooHOO! Feedback so far is good... I've noticed a couple of minor editing things that we didn't catch but I have now delegated a good chunk of the work and will have more time for the little things that need to be caught. Bear with us as we grow!

I'm a pleased to announce three new additions to the MOM Magazine team! Welcome to Dawn Jones-Pilgrim, Tyla Thomsen and Jen Mackenzie... these three wonderful ladies are now on our sales team and we look forward to their input and involvement of the magazine! I'm so pumped to have them on board!

On a very sad - but sort of happy - note, our sales superstar Jody Tailleur will be taking maternity leave :( I love Jody and am super happy for the new addition to her growing family but very sad to no longer have her on the team. We hope she comes back if those kids start to drive her nuts! LOL

Daina and I are already prepping the Jan/Feb issue because we have LESS THAN A MONTH to get it to the printers! (insert frantic scream here!)

There's lots to do but no one wants to work over the holidays, and quite honestly I have always believed that the last two weeks of December should be for family and friends - not for work.

I wanted to give a special THANK YOU to Mary deBruin for being such an AMAZING cover MOM for the holiday issue. She was so much fun to shoot and was very animated, making it easy to use the pics for the section.

I am setting aside some time to focus on my blawg and to update the site on Fridays so be prepared for more fun web-exclusive content.

Happy Holidays everyone! Even tho, there's no snow (yet!) get into the spirit by doing something nice for someone you don't know. A pleasant smile or a friendly, "Happy Holidays!" to a cashier will surely brighten their day!

Gawd, I have GOT to stop working when I'm PMSing because I get all sappy and sentimental - Don't tell anyone... I am actually sweet sometimes. :O


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Holy crap, another month has past!

I don't know if I'm just wasting away my days but I am baffled by how quickly time is passing. I remember as a kid how time would DRAG on forEVER and go so... slowly... especially during math class, I could never figure that out!

Anyway, life is a blur lately. I just looked at my last post where I promised to update the site more regularly... but I seriously do not know what happened this past month. The magazine will be late this month, too, because I was swamped with Spruce Grove & District Chamber of Commerce stuff which ended up pushing back my press day. So, sorry about that!

The files are at the printers so we will get the mag to you as soon as we have it!

I am starting a new feature in the magazine to get us back to our roots of Wife, Woman, Friend, Mentor, Goddess. It's called Hear Me Roar... it will feature women who have overcome adversity in their lives and gone on to live stronger lives in spite of the situations they have faced. It will be a feature that focuses on the strength of women!

It is similar to a book that was published three years ago called Standing Together. I had a story that was in that book, which was published by the Alberta Council of Women's Shelters. The book was launched the day after my daughter was born and I truly felt like that book changed the course of my life.

Since it was published, I have been on a path towards publishing this magazine. The magazine is meant to empower women in a fun, fierce and slightly devilish way, reminding women that LIFE AS A MOM DOESN'T MEAN LIFE AS A WOMAN HAS TO END!

We need more stories that reflect that mantra. Are you a woman who has gone through something in your life and come out the other side STRONGER!?!

Email me and let me know. I want to tell your story! It can be any challenge you have faced. Stories like these empower other women and that's what we need to do!

Sure, it's fun to act like jackasses and take time for yourself but the FOCUS of the magazine needs to get back to my original intentions.

Let's do it, girls!

Don't get me wrong, there will still be great sections in our mag like Big Daddy, Diary of a Mad Publisher, Do You Spit or Swallow, Spice it Up,, Barb-isms, Dollars and Cents, and Gifts for the Goddess BUT our content will focus on YOU and your stories.

Call me. We'll have coffee and talk.

This magazine is about you and for you. Let's tell your stories.

I look forward to slowing my life down this month and spending some time with you!

Chat with ya soon!