Friday, October 10, 2008

Web update...

I know, I know, I've been TERRIBLE this past month for updating the website... but the Shemar Moore pics that everyone has been looking for are FINALLY up!!


I'm looking forward to the feedback on our next eye candy spread. I was fortunate enough to shoot Maximun Fighting Championship hottie Aron Lofton. I met him when he was in town for the MFC at the River Cree in September. What a charmer! Sweet, sexy and smart! I was a little surprised but he was articulate and very open about his personal life. I will put out a teaser once the mag is at the printers but for now, TRUST ME he is pure eye candy!!

Thanksgiving is this weekend and I will be spending the majority of it in my dungeon prepping for the next issue.

Remember to be thankful for everything you have! Life is too short for regrets.


Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Scavenger Hunt...

What a great time!! We only had six teams register but the girls who came out seemed to enjoy the challenges at the various stops on the maps.

I wanted to give a special shout out to "Thelma and Lousie" who came ALL THE WAY from Ft. Saskatchewan to participate!! And the "Usana Mamas" were from Leduc!! These teams weren't familiar with the layout of Spruce Grove but participated anyway AND were good sports about the whole thing! They had the obvious disadvantage but you know what? They didn't complain! They played for fun - despite my whole "fight-to-the-death" speech at the starting point - and managed to find their way to the different businesses!

Sex in the Grove captured first place but they caught us off guard at the finish line because they were done in exactly 3 hours! We didn't even have time to get our actual finish line up! Good job ladies!!!

The Kinky Pinks finished a close second, despite some "roadbumps" with the Scavenger Hunt, the Vicious Vixens came in third and The PHAC-ers finished fifth.

We had some amazing prizes and giveaways again so THANK YOU to all of our sponsors!

Karissa at Dragon Lilies once again proved how AMAZING she is with her support by delivering a fabulous speech that almost made our pregnant sales superstar Jody cry! (Yes, Jody's pregnant!! YAYAY CONGRATS BABE!)

Anyway Karissa is freakin' awesome and EVERYONE should shop at Dragon Lilies!!

As for Robin at Romantic Notions, she was FABULOUS and handed out prizes, gave away tickle bags to EVERYONE who competed in the hunt (I didn't get one, tho, so I must take that up with her!!).

The best part of the day - and there were lots of hi-lights - was receiving a plaque from Spruce Grove mayor Stuart Houston. I think he has some groupies now, because we've received emails and facebook messages about our "smokin' hot" mayor. :]
Nice... bunch of horny women, I tell you!!! His wife, Debra, is beautiful and sweet and seems to like our magazine!! YAY!

I love it when we don't offend people! Doesn't happen very often so I'll take it when I can get it!!

In all of my speeches, I never remembered to thank Big Daddy. So, Big Daddy, if you read my blog, THANK YOU for all of your support, patience and financial contributions to MOM Magazine. I love you!!!!

Now, I must focus on making this next year bigger and better for all of us at MOM Magazine and for the readers who continue to pick us up!! THANK YOU!

To our advertisers, keep on working with us! And thanks for the continued support...

Here's to another year!!