Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Year...

So what's your resolution? Got any? It's 2 days away from the "big day" that is suppose to change your year... do you care?

Me, not so much. I have a list of things I need to do but the stroke of midnight isn't going to automatically kickstart that list.

What a year it has been ... we were named Marketer of the Year by the Spruce Grove & District Chamber of Commerce, we are coming out every 2 months, our new image was launched, I completed my first year on the board of directors for the Spruce Grove chamber... the team has also changed. Jody went on maternity leave in November and Daina gave her resignation in December. As Shrek says, "Change is good, Donkey!"

Dawn, Tyla and Alison have taken on some big roles with the magazine and I look forward to their enthusiasm and spunkiness!

2009 is going to pose it's challenges but this is one badass publisher who eats challenges for breakfast! I like the idea of starting the Hear Me Roar feature and look forward to reading more of What Really Pisses You Off!

Personally, I truly plan on cutting up my day into chunks and taking some of those chunks to regain my life. I miss my old self and need to get some good mental breaks in between all of the craziness that is MOM Magazine.

I am thankful for the last year but as always, look forward to starting fresh in 2009. I don't hold on to the past ... I never have and don't plan on starting now.

The Jan/Feb issue hits the streets next week and I am so pleased with it because, design-wise, it is our best so far. I say that every issue but we continue to evolve and improve in every aspect.

I did cut some columns and will continue to do so as the year progresses. I want to inject some fresh content to keep you interested and it is the only way to do so. If there is a column you want "saved" then let me know. If there is a column you want cut, do the same.

As always, I look forward to chatting with you. If you haven't already, join our Facebook group to keep up to date with what we do!


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What really pisses you off?

It's a new rant feature I'm introducing and holy crap has the feedback been GREAT! I know that there is a tonne of shit that makes me mad... don't even get me started on women who pee all over a public toilet then leave it for the next person to clean up! WTF is up with THAT?!

Anyway, I think this feature will be a hit! Since I sent out the message on our Facebook group this afternoon, I've had 10 responses. And I didn't even have to offer a fantabulous prize in return! Hot damn!

If you didn't get the message about our new feature, here's your chance! Email me and let me know what really pisses you off?!!? Be sure to include your name, last initial and town/city where you are from.

I look forward to reading your rants!

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Super Sonic Gin & Tonics

Wowzer, Bowser! I had my very first (of a few) Super Sonic Gin & Tonic with our new sales diva Dawn at the Joeys in Sherwood Park. It was a luncheon that turned into a crazy-ass bonding session. You know those sessions... the ones where you and your new BFF share every detail of your life? The one that bonds you together forever because you know too much about eachother?

Yep, it was awesome! An afternoon I truly needed. Thanks Dawn! :)

Most moms I know don't get the opportunity to be - as my 3-year-old says - "just girls," or take an afternoon and do something completely gratuitous and selfish and inappropriate.

Any mom - working or not - knows that a weekday afternoon of indulgence is nearly impossible but if the opportunity presents itself, I say GO FOR IT! Your stress levels will drop, your coping skills will increase and you can reminisce about goofy things you did when you were dirrty and single!

Because when you get home and there's loads of laundry, a mountain of dishes and supper to prepare, you will be thankful you took some time for yourself to be "Just girls."

Try it! You might like it.