Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Seriously, this had been the easiest issue we'd done.... I remember telling Daina on a Thursday - right before files were suppose to be shipped on the Friday - that it was such an EASY issue!!! Yeh, that night it went to shit.

And 3 weeks later we STILL don't have our summer issue on the street. HOWEVER today we get a couple of boxes. Which might help to renew our excitement about the mag.

There are some things I can't control, or so I've been told. SO I've decided to stop dwelling in the depths of despair and focus on the good stuff... like a dream I had last night about our next Eye Candy feature....

So I'm checking out this house that's for sale and in the living room is Michael Buble! I thought, "He might appeal to the ladies out there and I def. dig his music ... but THEN in walks Dermot Mulroney! You know... My Best Friend's Wedding.... the Wedding Date.... super sexy lips...

I couldn't believe my LUCK! So I chat them up and make "dates" with each of them to shoot them for our Eye Candy spread. They were so charming and sweet! And we even did Karaoke!

And then I woke up.

So, it was a great dream and I will dwell on that today.

Now, I must go make coffee. Gawd KNOWS I won't have a good day if I don't have a coffee!!!


Monday, June 9, 2008

See ya later...

That's exactly what I said to the files as I sent them off to the printer this morning!! YIPPEEE! The summer issue is FINALLY done! It looks so good...I can't even begin to tell you how pleased I am with the revamped design!!!

The copy is tight, the design is SWEET and I can't wait to see a hard copy!

We have some really cool content: How to grow your own Tea Garden is by far my personal favourite! It is such a neat piece by Amanda Whiting. Who KNEW you could grow your one tea garden? That is such a cool concept and made super easy by Amanda's awesome writing!

On a personal note I have to give a HUGE thank you to my hubby Ron who has been the most understanding, supportive guy a girl could ever ask for. I haven't seen him since I started production on this issue...three weeks ago? Good gawd. But I did redesign it so that took a bit of extra time...

Anyway Ron has been amazing... You know the old adage "Behind every successful man is a tired woman." Well, in my case it has been Ron who has taken care of everything - kids, the house, the dog... I truly am a lucky girl!!

On that note, I will keep you posted as to our official street date. Patience... for a taste of what's to come browse the website. I will be updating it this week!