Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bouncing in my Zen Bubble

I have always been extremely spiritual although I haven't always embraced it.

It was about a year and a half ago that my BFF Karissa Sparling gave me Lousie Hay's Affirmations to Heal Your Life as a birthday gift and at the time all I could think was "WTF kind of a friend gives you a BOOK for your birthday?"

Turns out it's the BEST kind of friend.

Not only did that book help my while I was in the midst of my personal great depression but it reminded me what I loved so deeply about spirituality. It reconnected me with my inner-most beliefs; thoughts that I had tucked away and shoveled crap all over, replacing them with a more self-sabatoging mindset.

I believe the universe gives us signs and that if we are willing to embrace them and accept the gifts they offer us, our lives will be on the path we are meant to be on and we will live the life we are meant to live. Sometimes we miss the signs or refuse to see them and that's OK. When you are ready to see them and seize the opportunity, you will.

Let me give you an example.