Saturday, April 26, 2008

In 48 hours, I plan on being in front of a slot machine. This same time next week, I will be FRANTICALLY prepping for the re:Treat!!!

I hope we get a lot of people!! I'm excited to meet some of the readers...

I'm more excited to get on that plane, tho. It means Daina and Jody have to deal with everything!!!! Maybe they'll appreciate me a little more when they see EVERYTHING that I do. Yes. Po' me. LOL

Anyway I've been up since 4 a.m. and still haven't had a coffee SO I must bid farewell... until after the re:Treat.

We'll be at the Little Monster's Swap Meet today at the Tri Leisure from 11-2 p.m..... stop by and say hi!


Friday, April 25, 2008

Dooooooode! I have 72 hours until I leave for Vegas. I have SO much to do!!!! BAH!

We'll be at the Little Monsters Swap Meet at the Tri Leisure selling tickets for the re:Treat ... be sure to get yours!

I got an email yesterday from Olga who is a fan from Austria! How cool is that?!! She's somewhere in our distribution area visiting and picked up the mag at her friend's house. She's not a mom (yet) but she says "My first reaction was WOW!! What a great idea you (gorgeous) ladies have. The magazine is insightful and funny - nothing quite like it in Austria I must say."

How sweet! She's thinks we're gorgeous! :}

"It is cool and smart not the typical mothering magazine, but judging by the way you ladies act and look (went to your website - what a great looking bunch) you are not the typical mothers. Your husbands are very lucky indeed, Canadian women are so beautiful!!"

Yes, Olga, you're right. Our husbands ARE lucky bastards! LOL

Anyway I wanted to share that because any time we get feedback - negative or positive - we take it seriously and love to hear what you have to say. Especially if you think we're gorgeous! :}

I heard on the radio yesterday about a book called My Beautiful Mommy. Sweet title, isn't it. Makes me think of a nice book with cute things kids say about their moms. No. You know what that crap is? It's about how to explain to your kid WHY you're getting plastic surgery!! Written by a doctor in California so that kids understand what their mom is doing and WHY it will make her "beautiful."

What a crock of -'scuse the language in this blog but it's gonna get nasty - SHIT! Seriously.

I haven't read this book but I'm gonna. And I'm gonna blog and write about it in the next issue.

From what Charles Adler on 630 CHED was saying, this book is about endorsing plastic surgery to younger kids and to ingrain in their psyche that plastic surgery is something they NEED.

This pisses me off. I don't care if a grown woman chooses to a boob job or a nose job or a tummy tuck. That is YOUR prerogative. But to make a kid - who is impressionable and can be swayed to think the way their parents think - believe that in order for them to be accepted into mainstream society they must fix something... IS BULLSHIT. Seriously.

Lola is 2 years old. She is beautiful. Oz is 6. He has the most gorgeous orange hair and is the cutest kid in the world! My kids are great the way they are. They will grow up hearing that from me.

I've heard of stories from moms - friends or colleagues of mine - who have been told by THEIR own parents that they needed a nose job or that they really should lose weight because their ass is too big... what the hell kind of parenting is that?

Maybe it's JUST ME but that kind of parenting is a form of abuse because you're raising your kid to believe in the magazines out there that airbrush and feature size 0 models as the "standard" of which you should aspire.

More BULLSHIT. I can't stand those damn magazines and I do NOT like the path society is taking. If being a size 0 and having perky boobs or a porcelain skin is the only reason I would be liked or loved, then I'll take my fat rolls and double chin because there is NOTHING wrong with me the way I am. I am a good person and a great friend. I am not perfect on the outside or on the inside but I am OK with that.

And anyone who isn't can kiss my fat ass because I will change for myself, NOT for anyone else.

My Beautiful Mommy?

As far as I'm concerned, that doctor in California is a dumbass who is going to contribute to bulimia, anorexia and self-hate in little girls everywhere.

Unless us moms unite and take a stand against BULLSHIT like this!

Ahem. I'm going to get another coffee. And get back to work. Dammit. 71 hours left...


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The evolution of MOM Mag

I just got an email from CIRA...for those who don't know, CIRA is the governing body for web domains, websites, etc...

It said I have 7 days to renew

Do you know what that means? It MEANS the concept of MOM Magazine is a YEAR OLD!!! Holy crap! I didn't launch the site until mid May of last year but I must have started researching the domains this time last year.

Where has the time gone?

I boggled. Seriously. I never would have thought that the magazine would have come this far, this quickly. Who woulda thunk that I would have done a photo shoot of Sheldon Souray for an issue of MOM Mag???

Back in the day when I was a sports scribe I used to think that some of those players needed to be featured in a way that was appealing to women. A calendar, maybe? Some sort of shoot that would show women who WEREN'T hockey fans why they SHOULD be hockey fans.

Shooting Sheldon allowed me to achieve that goal.

Anyway, I digress... where the hell has the time gone? I think registering the domain was the first step to launching MOM Magazine. In fact, I don't even think I told Big Daddy that I was doing it.

But really, it was only a $15 investment and my time for doing the site WHICH has come a long way since I first launched it.

I just thought I share that milestone with you at this early hour. Yes, it's 4:30 a.m. and I am trying to get as much done before we leave for Vegas next week. Can't leave Jody and Daina with TOO many things to take care of before the re:Treat!!

I've got to go make some coffee. Seriously, I won't function much longer without it.


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sheldon Souray's smokin' hot photo shoot...

Oh, what a treat it was yesterday to shoot Sheldon at the River Cree... our lucky moms had their makeup done by our very own sexy makeup artist Gina Cicero of Paradox Studio!! Everyone had a great time and I managed not to make a complete jackass out of was tough, let me tell ya!!

He strolled into the Poker room looking all comfortable and casual... I introduced myself and was proud of my restraint....He was so charming and gracious.

After a quick makeup session with Gina - who could completly enjoyed stroking his face with moisturizer - we went to the Poker room for our first shoot.

The lucky moms - Tara Gustafson, Terri Morgenstern, Mary DeBruin and Sherry Van der Heide - flirted, laughed and had so much fun!

I can't reiterate just how amazing he was. I have so much respect for his parents because a guy like that doesn't turn out as polite, humble and generous as he is without good parenting.

The spread will be out in the next edition...Enjoy!!!!


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Big Daddy's Big Controversy

Oh, the lynch mob is after Big daddy again.

In the Spring 2008 issue, Big Daddy invited women to take his remedial driving course. It was quite a funny column and we (Daina, Jody and I) all laughed at his driving tips.

Not everyone like it, though, but that doesn't surprise me.

If you don't have a sense of humour or tend to think that the world revolves around you, you might read his column and relate to it, hence being offended by what he wrote.

Big Daddy doesn`t hate women. He doesn`t really think women are stupid or flighty. Most women aren`t. I will say that. But, like everything, stereotypes are there for a reason.

I know that Big Daddy is one of the smartest people around. He has a twisted sense of humour and will laugh at things that most people would deem inappropriate.

That doesn`t mean he is a bad person. He uses the column to get a rise out of you. YES. You!

He knows that if he puts the most extreme stereotype there is about women, you will write him and complain about him and his column.

Now why, you might ask, do we publish his column....

Well, we think he IS funny. And he gives your husbands a reason to pick up the magazine when it`s in the bathroom. They will laugh, trust me. They will laugh because nine times out of ten, your husband thinks the exact same way. Only they won`t admit it you.

How do I know that Big daddy really isn`t a Big Dick (insert question mark here - my laptop is acting funny and I can`t do it!)

Big Daddy is my husband. Yes. I am married to Big Daddy. He`s a great guy and one of the things I love most about him is his sense of humour.

If you DO have comments or criticisms, you can email him directly at I will be more than happy to respond, though, if you want to email me.

Lighten up people. Life is too short to waste it on taking yourself so seriously.


Monday, April 14, 2008

Did you get your re:Treat tix???

Our presale for the MOM Magazine first-ever re:Treat ends today! We hope you took advantage of the sale...if not, tickets will be full price from now until the end of the re:Treat.

I have met some really cool women over the past few days. Connie from stopped by our booth at the KidFriendly trade show on Sunday. She is SO sweet and sincere...I hope we don't corrupt her too badly! Check out her site for things to do for new

She has ongoing events to get you out of your Mommy Mode.

Also, I had the pleasure of chatting with Jayne from Edmonton's Child publication. For anyone out there who wants or needs parenting tips and/or advice, this is the mag to pick up.

Also, Maria at has relaunched her website. For a quick peek at what's going on in and around Edmonton and we LOVE her! She has a cool contest going on....check it out.

We have some really amazing things lined up for the re:Treat. Included in the ticket price is:
  • Wine/Beer tastings
  • Finger food
  • Mini Makeup sessions
  • 10 minute manicures
  • Bellydance workshop
  • Sexpert session with Passion Parties
  • Find Your Life's Passion with MOM Mag columnist, Pajama Party Creator and Woman Extraordinaire Helene Oseen
  • Four hot young guys will be greeting you at the door as you come in to Touch Ultra Lounge. Have your picture taken with them.... you know we will!!

Of course every mom will leave with one of MOM magazine's favourite things...whether it's Sheldon Souray's autographed jersey or a spa package, you WILL leave with something!

And then, of course, there is the VIP access to Touch Ultra Lounge after 8 p.m. The first drink is on us!

I can't wait to see you all there!

We will have tickets available at the Little Monster's Swap Meet at the Tri Leisure Centre in Spruce Grove April 26, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Till then,