Saturday, November 24, 2012

FIERCE Mantra of the Day: I deserve...

 What do you deserve?

Do you deserve to be happy? Do you deserve be loved? Do you deserve good things in your life?

Yes, yes and YES!

Thoughts are powerful and if you are constantly beating yourself up or thinking someone else deserves to be happier than you are or that you DESERVE to have unhealthy relationships, you will.

This is not about worrying about what OTHER people deserve, either, this is about you. Stop concerning yourself with whether or not someone else is getting what they deserve.

Focus on YOU. 

Focus on attracting all of the positive, wonderful things you DESERVE in your life. Tell your inner critic to shut the fuck up for ONE day and just allow yourself to deserve only good things; laughter, success, health, security, love.

If something negative is going on in your life and you start questioning why me, remember that not everything lasts forever and whatever you are going through will come to an end. If you can be mentally strong enough, focus on the lesson you can learn from whatever you are going through and know that you will come out of it stronger and smarter.

Write down all of the things you deserve. Go on, get a piece of paper and a pen or open up MS Word and start writing. Sit quietly for a moment and truly ask yourself what you deserve. Be honest with yourself and just allow the words to come.

Look at your list and eliminate every single negative word that is on it.

Delete, erase, obliviate! (It's a word, just ask J.K. Rowling!)

Now focus on the positive words and repeat them to yourself.

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